Center for Carmelite Studies

Feast of St Albert of Trapani | August 7

Born in Trapani (Sicily) in the 13th century. He distinguished himself for his dediction to mendicant preaching and the notoriety of his miracles. In the years 1280 and 1289 he was in Trapani and shortly afterwards in Messina. In the year 1296 he was prior provincial of the Carmelite Province of Sicily. He was celebrated for his passionate love for purity and prayer. He died in Messina most likely in 1307.

He was the first saint who received devotion in the Carmelite Order, and was even considered it patron and protector (or “father”), a title he shared with another saint of his time, Angelo of Sicily. In the 16th century, it was decided that every Carmelite church would dedicate and altar to him. Later Carmelite saints Teresa of Jesus and Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi were devoted to him.